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The Writer’s Notebook

Whether for writing snippets of figurative language, recording reading habits or to store useful phrases which may be called into action as and when required. Whatever the reason, it is universally acknowledged that a notebook is an essential tool for any writer. My notebook is a mess. It is full of rants and raves, interspersed with observations and ideas interrupted with the odd haiku. But the question remains, Which notebook is best? Picasso, Wordsworth and Hemingway used a Moleskine, which is a good quality notebook. However, a new player has come to the market. Field Notes notebookField Notes have produced three 48 page memo books in a vintage style in an attempt to challenge Molekine’s dominance. The answer to which notebook question will always be personal preference. For myself, I use a very ordinary ‘no brand’ notebook from Tesco, priced at 72 pence. Does the same job as the expensive branded notebooks, at a fraction of the cost.