A 40 Year old proud father of two and occassional blogger, who enjoys all aspects of Literature, especially poetry. My favourite legend is the Lambton Worm. Combine this with my love of books, (the bookworm part), hence Lambtonbookworm.


How to Write a Political Poem by Taylor Mali.

Lambtonbookworm is a name that I use,
Please do not think that I have a screw loose.
Having one name for the recollection
Saves time from the constant rejection
From websites which require bona fide
Login terms which I am not over supplied.

The Lambton Worm is a folk tale and song
Familiar to young and old where I’m from,
About Sir John Lambton in olden time
And of his families’ dreadful decline.
I work security, permanent nights
Spare time spent shore fishing or flying kites.
Studying English Literature part-time
Although forty I am not passed my prime
I have still got three years left of my course
I am writing this blog to help reinforce
That which I learn for better or for worse.
To keep a record of my learning curve
And my own amusement to preserve
Prose, Poems and horizons that I widen
One day I hope to match Pope and Dryden
But at the moment I’m happy to write
(As great Hemingway advised) all the shite
Out of me before I begin to slip
like bloggers do into that ego trip.
I endeavor to be faithful and true,
Hope this does not become a “how not too”.
Married with two children a girl and a boy
Like siblings they do their best to annoy
Each other in many inventive ways
Keeping them apart, a sign of my days.
So if I get behind or start shirking
Remember, Father, student, or working.
Read GotPoetry?!


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