£100,000 cut from Scottish Literature Funding

The Scotsman ' s offices in EdinburghImage via Wikipedia

It’s not only actors who are complaining about cuts in Arts funding. Due to further changes made by the Arts Council England to its arts and literature budgets earlier this year, the funding body’s Scottish sister organisation has quietly axed £100,000 from its grants to Scottish publishers, reports the guardian.

Hugh Andrew, chief executive of the Berlinn/Polygonn group, one of the largest publishing houses in Scotland, earlier told the Scotsman that the block funding cuts would also harm the ability of larger publishers to invest in new Scottish writing.

(Ever wondered how the Scottish government were going to be able to afford personal care for the elderly when the English and Welsh can not).

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2 Responses to “£100,000 cut from Scottish Literature Funding”

  1. May 2, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    This strikes me as very odd. Cutting funding when Scottish scribes are creating some of the most vibrant and interesting prose in the English speaking world? Certainly, the Scots are showing up the Canadian literary scene for the in-bred, moribund environment that it is. Maybe someone doesn’t like some of the hard truths (and rough language) some Scot authors employ. Is there an ideological motive behind this?

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